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All businesses understand the importance of providing fast, professional customer service over the phone. However, the time and expense of training and managing employees for outbound calls can be prohibitive. Not to mention the growing cost of securing more office space to handle the needs of your business. Why be limited to the number of cubicles in your office?


With Chandler Group dedicated agents work exclusively on your project and leverage customer specific training to reach out to prospects and customers on behalf of your company. The use of our Dedicated Agent model has proven to increase our clients’ ability to scale and meet growth and retention demands.




Our call center solutions, include

Lead generation. Do your outbound call center services include built-in lead generation? Access’s flexible call center platform handles pressing customer concerns while simultaneously building future sales opportunities. Turn your main customer contact portal into a lead generating dynamo with our outbound call center tools and services. With Access, we make the complicated easy. Plus, our business-friendly business process outsourcing methods ensure your bottom line is always a priority.

Market research. Outbound call centers services can benefit your business with useful (and actionable) market research metrics. Our call center platform includes advanced research methods to help your business find hidden opportunities for new business, or to improve on your existing products and services. Whatever your market research needs are, Access’s outbound call center services deliver exceptional value.

Telesales and upsells. Never let a sales opportunity pass you by. Access’s call center capability includes sales scripts and other tele-friendly tools to maximize your potential sales figures. Effective outbound call center services should also embrace a two-way methodology; streamlined outreach strategies combined with a plan to increase inbound profits. Telesales and upsells are included as part of our market-oriented outbound call center platform.

Surveys and feedback. Businesses usually focus on how their customers are doing. Are they satisfied with your products and services? Are their customer service expectations being met on a daily (or hourly) basis? Access’s outbound call center software include the best survey and feedback platform to keep tabs on your customers – and also keep track of how your business is handling customer expectations for products and services.

Customer retention. Gaining new clients is important. Yet retaining them is even more critical to your company’s reputation. Without practical and purposeful outbound call center services, keeping clients is hard to accomplish. But Chandler Group helps you simplify your customer retention efforts with built-in technologies and tools to improve customer satisfaction. Keep your clients with Access’s outbound call center solutions – you concentrate on what your business does best, while we handle the outsourcing heavy lifting.

Appointment setting. Face-to-face interaction knows no substitution. Whether it’s a monthly checkup or high-profile sales meeting, Access’s call center platform and appointment management keeps your customers on the radar at all times.

Scheduled callbacks. Reminders are just one part of your outreach strategy. Let Access’s automated technology and live agent support keep the lines of communication open. Scheduled callbacks let your clients know you’re engaged. With active, on-point outbound calls, you’ll help establish professional (and profitable) relationships.
And more, including our complete assortment of outbound call center solutions & resources!


Our outbound sales agents are tightly managed to ensure key metrics are hit and that the project meets our clients’ needs. We manage the project and provide feedback so that our service fits seamlessly into your day to day operations. This way we make and manage the calls so they enhance rather than interrupt your company’s operations.



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