Email Tactics That Are More Than "Spray and Pray"


In the online marketing mix, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective, flexible and customizable tools for driving results, especially when executed using marketing automation and email marketing software.

Email marketing can be an efficient and effective way to communicate a message to your consumers, prospects and partners to drive consistent sales -- as long as you're doing it right (hint: if you ever use the word "blast" when describing your email practices, we can probably help).




Email Is Not Magic


Our team of email marketing professionals has designed, developed, tested and tracked email marketing programs on a variety of email marketing platforms to generate leads and drive revenue. We can bring best practices to bear in crafting your email program as well as deliver campaign design, copywriting, visual design, coding and slicing and full program build-out on a variety of platforms.




Whether your goal is advertising a seasonal promotion, launching a new product, maintaining customer loyalty, upselling current customers or nurturing prospects through the buying funnel, our email marketing team can help you achieve success. Effective email marketing can solidify existing relationships, initiate new ones and convert prospects or one-time clients into long-term customers.



Our Email Marketing solution provide the following:

Customer database: Targeted database administrators compile your most profitable database of customers with your most opportune demographics. (Example: Location, Income, Profession, Age, Sex, Marital status, Credit, Special interest, etc.)

We offers Access  to one of the largest databases of targeted B2B and B2C customers in the world. Our database has over 290,372,000 U.S. business and consumers records; over 319,393,400 EU business and consumers records; and over 143,104,850 Latin America business and consumers records. Over 4,500,000 new records are received annually and processed within Seven days of receipt. Over 90,000,000 contacts are made annually to verify, append, and update our marketing data.

Professional advertisement design: Our experienced design team with proven results in postal direct ads, online marketing, email marketing, magazine and journal marketing, television and info-commercial marketing. With us you get the very best advertisement design without the headaches.

Mailing Your Advertisements: Complete testing your advertisements on all computer operation systems to ensure your marketing success. When conducting your marketing campaign our administrators monitor your campaign in real time on the internet; compile stats and reconfigure your campaign on the fly to deliver the best return.

Guaranteed Delivery: We Guarantee all your advertisements are delivered to the right targeted customer, on time, every time.

Marketing Stats 24/7: We provide complete statistics for every campaign available for your review and download 24/7 our website. Stats are displayed for every marketing campaign and show detailed information about the transmission and the successes per range.

Marketing management: Professional management of your marketing. Our marketing team is responsible for managing your success. Our partners oversee every stage of your marketing starting with the building of the most profitable demographics of your customer data, Managing your advertisement design, and monitoring your ROI per marketing campaign.



Skip Ahead to Start a Conversation


We get it — this page gives you a lot to ponder. But, if you’re ready to cut to the chase and have a conversation about how we might apply to your unique business needs, drop us a note and we’ll reach out promptly.



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