Targeted Lead Aggregation


Our Targeted Lead Aggregation enables your teams to achieve sales targets in a scalable, predictable and repeatable fashion. It’s designed to target the most closable criteria's, with the most motivated consumers, and democratize the best leads and practices, so you’re not dependent on a handful of superheroes to hit your business growth goals..




Lead Sourcing


Targeted Pre-screened Leads is the foundation for every growing business in the country. However not all customers will respond to the same marketing. This is why at Chandler Group we use multi channels of direct marketing to gain the most customers.

All small and medium size companies are faced with a do-this-or-do-that decision when planning your marketing strategies. There’s no limit to the number of channels and marketing tools that are available. However, due to resource restraints, most companies are forced to make the tough choices.


All Information ages and degrades. Chandler Group knows undeliverable advertisements waste companies assets and time. Over a one hour period: 240 business addresses will change; 63 new businesses will open their doors; 4 companies will change their names; over 7% of consumers will change address. To provide the Cleanest Marketing list Chandler Group updates our database over 1,360,000 times a day. Over 4,500,000 new records are received annually and process within Seven days of receipt. Over 90,000,000 contacts are made annually to verify, append, and update our marketing data

When your company orders services, we compile, verify, cross references the data of each record to ensure that you get the most accurate information. All potential unqualified and "window shoppers" are eliminated using the most sophisticated matching techniques available. Each record undergoes 43 separate stages before its ready.

  Our Standard Consumer Filters:



Credit and Income


Profession associations



Age group




Estimated Income


Marital Status

Property Type 

Zip Code


opportunity Seekers 

Area Code

Home Market Value

Donors & Contributors

MMA (Major Metro Area) 


Mail Order Buyers 

Radius of Address


  Our Standard Business Filters:
  Continent Business Type Company age
  Country Employee Size Company structure
  State/Provinces Sales Volume Purchasing power
  City Franchise/Branch Number of locations
  County Industry Group Ethnic-owned Businesses
  Zip Code Home Based Sales Growth
  Area Code Owner's Gender  
  MMA (Major Metro Area) Contacts by Job Title  
Radius of Address Contacts by Job Function


With the Chandler Group marketing we remove your need to make the choice of what marketing not to do. We do everything for you and allow you to take the lead and close the sales. The distribution of special offers and other direct marketing offers are absolutely required to attract a larger pool of new prospective customers and to give repeat customers a reason to choose you over your competition. Targeted Pre-screened Leads is essential to generate a maximum return of repeat business from existing customers.

With Chandler Group, we can create and distribute Targeted Pre-screened Leads within 24 - 48 hours. Simply tells us what you want to market, Who and where you want as customers. And then sit back while we do all the front-end work to get your business working on new sales. 




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