Everything You Wanted to Know About Us but did not think to Ask


Chandler Group is a marketing and consulting firm with facilities located in the US, EU, and SA. We are dedicated to advancing our clients business through integrated Marketing and Consulting Services, Customer Engagement, and Business Intelligence. Our exceptional team deftly manages successful marketing programs and business solutions, from strategy and planning to research and execution. We hire experienced consultants who are enthusiastic, aggressive, and truly passionate about their work. Good people translate into good business. We measure our success by the well-being and success of our clients, not just our sales. For us, exceeding expectations is the norm. Our team members have earned a reputation for throwing ourselves into everything they do from wholeheartedly taking on our clients missions, to ensuring your investment keep on providing returns, month after month. And because we bring genuine commitment to everything we do, every client, worker, and venders reaps the benefits.


Our mission:

  • To positively impact our clients business, their bottom line, and their future success via the Tactical Marketing services

  • To empower our clients growth via an environment of experience, trust, dedication, and mutually beneficial goals.

  • To exceed our client expectations through our creativity, flexibility, and enthusiasm.

  • To contribute to the Tactical Marketing community by sharing our resources and energy

Why you need our services:


Everything changes. Its our job to keep your company ahead of the curve. Within the period of a single hours 240 business will change addresses; 63 new businesses will open; 4 companies will change their name; over 7% of consumers will change move to a new address. To provide the most targeted marketing in the industry, Tactical Marketing updates our marketing records database over 1,360,000 times a day.

Chandler Group offers one of the largest databases of targeted B2B and B2C customers in the world. The Tactical Marketing database has over 290,372,000 U.S. business and consumers records; over 319,393,400 EU business and consumers records; and over 143,104,850 Latin America business and consumers records. Over 4,500,000 new records are received annually and process within Seven days of receipt. Over 90,000,000 contacts are made annually to verify, append, and update our marketing data. With Chandler Group we keep you ahead of the cure and allow your staff to concentrate on their sales.


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